New Estimation Lane

News | 17th August 2017

For some time, Holland Tank Service has access to a new estimation lane. This new estimation lane is quite special, since it has been completely developed and produced by HTS. This lane provides space for 8 individual 20ft tankcontainers or swaptanks at the same time. ‘In service’ inspections and other activities can now be completed even more efficiently. With the walking tracks on top of the tanks, the lane provides enough space to carry out inspections and repairs.

With completely new 3″ pipework, it’s possible to put 4 individual tankcontainers on 1 bar pressure within just 5 minutes. This pressure test is carried out to find leaks and other problems, so that they can be dealt with on short notice. This new set-up and layout provides the possibility to carry out service activities like gasket work quick, efficiently and professionally to prepare the tanks for new operations in a short period of time. Thus as a relation of HTS, you can profit from this newly built estimation lane.

Can we welcome your tankcontainers or swaptanks at our service facility for maintenance, repairs or other services? Our entire team is ready to complete these quickrepairs for you!