Repair of a tank container

Nieuws | 20th February 2018

A fine example of our services! Recently a customer of ours purchased a tank container, aiming to sell the container after repair and renovation. Upon entry, the tank goes through our estimation lane, where it is fully checked to determine a final estimate. This estimate means that the tank is fully functional, both optically and functionally. Moreover, all codes are applied for transport.

The repairs resulting from the estimate are meant to let the tank pass through the 2.5 year and 5 year test, which is carried out by a certified authority. For the 2.5 year test, the tank is pressurized to 1 bar to be able to determine if there are no leaks. A 5 year test means that the tank is filled with water up to 6 bar, again to determine if there are no leaks.

Eventually, this proved to be a successful repair project, the tank container was handed over to the customer and is now being sold. Below you can find a number of images of the renovated tank container. Do you want to estimate used tanks for possible purchase or sale? Then contact us!