Installment of handrails

Nieuws | 25th April 2018

Recently, we were able to complete yet another unique project! A relation of ours asked if we could install handrails on some new 20ft tank containers, before these were taken into use for storage and transportation purposes.

Handrails, also known as foldable safety rails, cover the entire length of the tank container and provide safe access to the top of the tank container. This is mainly for safety purposes for personnel when loading the tank container. Handrails can be installed on both new and used tank containers. The handrails can be collapsed on the frame of the container when the container is stacked, for instance when it’s in storage on a depot.

Do you want to know more about the installment of handrails on tank containers, or maybe you would like to receive more information about tank container modifications? Contact us without obligation, we are happy to help and advise you wherever we can.