Bulk and tank containers are produced according to certain standards. In practice however, the container is not in all cases consistent with its application, and therefore modification is desirable or even necessary.

At Holland Tank Service we modify your bulk and tank containers according to your needs. This may, for example, be the modification of containers in the following situations:

  • The alteration of the tank container from bottom to top discharge.
  • The alteration of the tank container from steam heating to glycol heating.
  • Mounting a handrail to the tank container.
  • The preparation and testing of power supply to the tank container.
  • Adding windows and doors to the bulk container.
  • Putting an alarm system in the bulk container.
  • Applying lighting on and/or in the bulk container.

In short, from common adjustments to work for real specialists. Our welders can handle aluminium, steel and stainless steel, you will always get high quality welding.

Do you have containers on which modifications are desirable or necessary? Please come to us to realise these modifications.