Estimation, repair & renovation

At our depot we carry out several activities that are mentioned on this page, these are; estimation, repair & renovation of tank and bulk containers. You can also contact us for modification, off-hire service. the application of electricity, heating & cooling systems and the sale of tank and bulk containers.


We estimate your containers with our own team of professional estimators. Our estimators have knowledge of all the different qualifications in the world of containers. In particular, IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors), in service and sales.


We repair bulk and tank containers and bring them back to the order in which the containers are approved for use again. We have a certified team and specially equipped workshops at our depot, through which we can make your container functional again very swiftly.

Our technicians are regularly trained, tested and certified in and for the latest repair and welding techniques. Controllers are continuously present at our depot, in order to ensure the proper treatment of your containers. In addition, they control the issuance of appropriate certificates during and after the repair work on your containers.

The workshops at our depot have testing facilities for air and water pressure and have private washing facilities at their disposal.


Tank containers that have a BER (Beyond Economical Repair) status are not necessarily written off; a tank container with this status can be given a new life through a renovation process.

The renovation of a tank container is carried out in accordance with the prescribed technical standards that apply to tank containers. Each tank container is examined for the necessary technical certificates and is checked for enforcement of these qualifications. For you, as a customer of Holland Tank Service, this means an extension of the life of your tank containers with several years.

Our terminal also features washing facilities, therefor your bulk and tank containers are delivered clean after their repair or renovation.

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